Fleet Work Training

Fleet Drivers

The Health and Safety at work Act 1974 requires any organisation to ensure that employees that work on the premises or carrying out any driving activities are safe.

The Management of Health and Safety at work Regulation 1999, each organisation must manage their health and safety more effectively while at work or carrying out any driving activities. The Regulations require all companies to review your risk assessment periodically or when necessary.

Since 2004 police can consider corporate liability

The police will investigate all incidents as unlawful till proven not guilty. They will investigate and try to find out how and why the collisions occurred and may identify failures in company policies and practices.


The cost an accidents or collisions, repairs and insurance is just the starting of your financial cost. The days lost to injuries, negative publicity, damaged reputation to your company, time spent on investigations, paper work, loss of business, stress and the vehicles been taken of the road and company image.

Loss of profit

The insurance company may not be responsible for recovering, wages and salaries, lost orders, administration cost, and legal fees and other kinds of business interruptions which would affect the company’s profit.

Other costs not accounted for

-Increased insurance
-Replacement vehicle and driver
-Re-delivery of goods
-Loss of stock
-Extra claims, eg whiplash, loss of life

Human cost

More people that drive for a living are killed or injured than in any other occupational job, this amounts to about 20 fatalities and 250 serious injuries every week and about 65% of all companies will be involved in some kind of collision every year.

Work related collisions are now embedded in the government strategy

The way your employees drive on the road has a direct affect on your company’s image, and can be seen by the members of the public who could be potential customers.

Fleet Training for company drivers

ReTraining your drivers will save your company money with the added benefit of growing profits and a healthier working environment.

Fleet training cost

From just £50 depending on the amount of drivers and hours, your company drivers can be trained to a high standard.

Fleet courses will cover:

-A short presentation
-General risk assessment
-The driver
-The vehicle
-Hazard risk assessment
-Knowledge and skills
-Company policy
-A certificate of achievement